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Window Contractors - serving Mechanicsville MD and surrounding areas

New windows can improve your living space significantly. Replacement windows can increase energy savings and reduce maintenance. Many brands and styles of windows exist, so it’s important to have assistance from a trained window professional when deciding which windows are best for your home. Summit Exteriors employ expert replacement window contractors who can walk you through the ins and outs of replacing the windows in your home.


Replacement windows are something just about every homeowner who hasn’t purchased a new build will need to grapple with. Typically, homeowners will only replace windows in their home once in their lifetime. With a larger price tag, considering whether or not you will replace your windows is a serious thought. Summit Exteriors is one of the premier window companies and window contractors in the Southern Maryland region. We’re experts who want to fit you with the right replacement windows for your home and your budget.


Because windows are largely glass, they naturally conduct heat. What that translates to for any homeowner is basically this - you want your windows to keep your hot air in your home in the winter and your cool air in your home in the summer. However, over time older windows lose their ability to properly help insulate your home. This can happen for a number of reasons. Older windows may be single pane glass which will pretty easily conduct heat. That’s not something you want. Some older windows may be double pane glass but due to the age of your windows, the space between your windows may be improperly conducting heat transfer – also something you don’t want your windows to do.


New replacement windows are double pane and sometimes even triple pane; however, the most important element of new replacement windows is what it’s injected in between those panes. In most new replacement windows gases such as krypton or argon are injected in between the panes of glass. This helps your new replacement windows much more effectively keep your home temperature controlled. Essentially, that gas injected into your windows will help keep the warm air inside your home during the winter and hot summer air outside of your home in the summer.


I bet you can guess what this all translates to, right? More energy efficient replacement windows should lead to an overall reduction in your energy consumption. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that windows contribute to anywhere between 25-30% of your home’s energy bill. That’s no small number! Purchasing new replacement windows will help lower your overall energy usage and bills.


The window installation professionals and contractors at Summit Exteriors are experts when it comes to replacing your home’s old and dated windows. We’ll get your home better protected from outside conditions in a quick yet professional manner. And if you’ve got questions about what type of replacement windows will work best for your home and your budget, we can talk about all of your options! Give us a call today!

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