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Siding Contractors - serving Mechanicsville MD and surrounding areas

Are you looking for an instant home makeover? Something that will instantly improve your home’s look, boost your curb appeal, and may help keep your home better insulated? Have you thought about new siding?! As Southern Maryland’s premier siding contractors, Summit Exteriors doesn’t just know about siding, we know and understand which siding material will work best for your home, and our color experts can help you match the existing color that you love or pick a brand-new color that will transform your home!


Here in the mid-Atlantic region, we get hit by weather all year round - scorching hot summers with plenty of humidity, and bitter cold winters with snow and ice. If you really think about it, your home goes through a lot in one 365-day lifecycle! And to battle the elements, your first line of defense is whatever is on the outside of your home. If you have siding that’s more than just a few years old, think about all that it has, quite literally, weathered! Residing your home presents a unique opportunity for you as a homeowner. While updating the outside curb appeal of your home, you can also update your home’s interior efficiency!


If your home is old enough that it has little to no insulation, residing your home can be an opportunity to add insulation and boost your energy efficiency through air loss. We think you’ll notice the immediate difference when proper insulation is added underneath a newly resided home. We can all but guarantee your home energy bill will notice a difference! Ok, so maybe your insulation doesn’t need to be replaced, will residing your home really help to improve its energy efficiency? It certainly can! Over time, with plenty of exposure to all of the elements that Mother Nature can throw at it, siding can wear down and crack. You may not notice these little places of compromise in your current siding, but with a resided home, you will get a tighter seal around your home, which can drastically diminish inside drafts while also boosting your home’s energy efficiency by keeping your temperature-controlled air inside your home!


Another added benefit of siding is the instantaneous updated look. With so many different materials, colors, textures and styles, residing your home can really transform your curb appeal. It will add to your resale value, which means that making the choice to reside your home is truly an investment opportunity. At Summit Exteriors, we are the top reliable siding contractors near you! We know you’ll be thrilled with the transformation of your home with brand-new siding. Questions? We’d love to answer them! Give us a call today!

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