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Roofing Contractors - serving Mechanicsville MD and surrounding areas

Making the decision to invest in a new roof is something that most homeowners take pretty seriously. If you’re looking for roofing contractors near you, you probably won’t find a shortage, so let us tell you why Summit Exteriors is the right choice for your roofing needs in Southern Maryland.


Roof replacement can be costly, but is also one of the biggest sources of protection to the most valuable thing in your home – you! You really can’t put any type of price on you and your family so having a sturdy, reliable roof is something that you need. With the professional roofing experience that the roofing contractors at Summit Exteriors have, you will have the peace of mind that your most valuable and priceless assets in your home, you and your family, are safely protected.


By the time that many homeowners discover there’s a problem with their roof, it’s already too late. Catastrophic damage from storms that include heavy snow, ice, hail or wind gusts don’t just damage the exterior of your home. Most storms that include roof damage, either partial or major, often end up causing thousands of dollars of loss. Not to mention the headache of dealing with repair and replacing personal possessions. Mitigate your risk of storm damage to your roof by calling the professional roofing contractors at Summit Exteriors today for an inspection of your roof. We’ll look to see where you may be vulnerable or at risk. And if you are looking for a roofing company in Southern Maryland because you’ve experienced storm damage, we’re here for you! We are a GAF-Certified contractor, so you can trust us to work with your insurance company responsibly. Your insurance might even replace your roof for only the cost of your deductible.


And finally, a new roof is a smart investment for a homeowner. If you’re considering moving in the new future, a new roof is one of the biggest selling points for potential buyers. It also adds to your curb appeal and helps your home look its absolute best as you get it market-ready! Maybe you’re planning to stay in your home for a while, and if that’s the case, then a new roof is a great investment! A new roof is pretty much guaranteed to improve your home’s efficiency over time. By replacing your roof, you may be replacing one with insufficient insulation, or tiny cracks and leaks that let your inside temperature-controlled air, out. With a new roof, you can keep your home comfortable, while also saving money on your energy bill!

At the end of the day, we understand that the decision to get a new roof may be a difficult and costly one. We want you to know that we treat each home we work on as if it’s our very own. While there may be a lot of roofing companies near you, there’s only one Summit Exteriors. We get the job done right, communicate effectively with you, and use materials that we know will hold up to the test of time. Give us a call today and let us answer any roofing questions you may have!

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